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There’s no doubt that the current worldwide pandemic has significantly limited travel – for business and pleasure!  However, hopefully as we move into 2021 we’ll be getting back to normal and as such, all who regularly will once again be seeking useful travel accessories.

Those who undertake a lot of travel in their professional life have two primary objectives in common; they need to stay connected and maximise any opportunity to save time.  Staying in touch with colleagues in order to be fully in the loop, professionally and personally, is key to the business traveller’s success whilst they obviously also need to remain fully connected to those at home too.  In this digital age, there’s plenty of tech available to enable those business nomads to keep in touch and in addition, loads of great time saving gadgets to ensure anyone away from home for business is away for the least amount of time necessary.  Here’s our top 5 list of travel kit which can all be supplied fully on brand with your company logo featured – great for practically supporting employees and customers on their travels and equally keeping up your brand awareness.

1          EAR BUDS

Earphones which can reduce or cancel out background noise are a massive asset when travelling. Travelling for business means spending a lot of time waiting for flights, trains and connections so relaxing, listening to music or a podcast can make the difference by passing the time and reduces stress.

Atlas Adaptor


A very useful piece of kit for a seasoned traveller having to jet off at short notice is a universal travel adapter with integral USB port.  This allows anyone who travels around the world to charge multiple devices and use the same adapter in literally hundreds of countries across the world.

Tokyo Power Bank

Tokyo Power Bank


Whether travelling in the UK or further afield, with the exception of a phone and laptop, the single most important piece of tech those travelling for work needs is a portable power bank.  There are many, many options available these days, some more novelty charging banks, others very high quality.  A dual purpose power bank with the capability to also act as a speaker is a great option for those who might want to kick back, relax and listen to music in their hotel room.


For larger businesses who require any of their team to travel for any period of time, a great example of looking after your staff whilst promoting your brand is to provide travelling professionals with a piece of luggage with an embroidered logo.  Looks smart, slick and very effective.

5          TRAVEL PILLOW

A travel pillow is a less expensive choice of promotional product for those on the go.  Lots of colour options lend themselves to getting a great corporate feel, topped with up to full colour branding.  The pillow itself allows a plane or train passenger the comfort they need if, in the interests of saving time, they’re travelling during the night or just feel the need to get their head down for an energising power nap.


There are so many innovative and useful travel accessories available, the choices can be overwhelming so if you need to hit the mark with either staff or customers in mind, give us a call at Chilli Promotions to pinpoint what’s right for you.

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