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As with any project worth doing, any marketing campaign needs careful planning and that applies to the choices you make in terms of which promotional products to select.  So, how do you choose what’s best and how to get the best value?  Firstly, don’t confuse value with monetary cost!  Cheaper pens and keyrings are great for the right type of event or promotion but if you get exactly the right product and use the right promotional message for the right audience, the value can be immense.

So, how do you choose from the plethora of products and options available?  Here are our top 5 tips in how to determine what’s right for your campaign.

Pink Cotton Shopper Bag

1          Think carefully about what exactly you want to promote.  Is it intended for general, longer term, brand awareness?  If so, your company logo alone might be just the job, or perhaps with your contact details included, such as telephone number or website to make it easier to reach you.  If perhaps you’re wanting something to give away at a particular event or part of a campaign, it may be that it’s more relevant to add a specific message.  All these points need to be fully considered so that you know what sort of print area you’ll have to work with, as some products have a much larger surface area on which to print than others (think the small area on a pen for example, compared with perhaps a notebook or tote bag).

2          Give equal consideration to the limits some products have in terms of colours.  If you have a logo with several colours, the most economical way to create that may be by using a full colour digital print and some products will lend themselves to that print process better than others. Equally, if your logo is, for example, blue and white, a great way of keeping the cost down on the print is to choose a product that is already blue or white and use just one colour in your artwork.

3          How promotional products are perceived by the end user is something to bear in mind.  Whilst a ‘cheap and cheerful’ product and print process is a great way to get your brand out there, if a delegate at an exhibition is given an inexpensive pen with a one colour print from one supplier and a smarter looking pen with perhaps a laser engraved logo depicted from another, if he/she prefers the nicer looking pen, your pen might just get side lined which is not what anyone wants!  Equally, if your promotional product is a hit, it will get used over and over, for a long time which is of course, exactly the aim of the game.

Picture of Chilli Promotional Products Bamboo Toothbrushes and Boxes.

4          Quirky and memorable is often the way to go with promotional giveaways.  Take close note of who your intended audience is and what products they may be interested in.  If students are the end user, for example, anything to do with their studies such as colourful post it note flags might go down very well but equally a eco-friendly toothbrush or even kitchen utensil may well become a firm favourite.

5          Try out your promotional items on your staff to get them onboard, feel they’re valued and obtain their feedback.  If your sales team are the ones on the frontline, they’re a valuable source of information as to whether or not a particular product will go down well with their customer contacts.  Any mobile phone accessory these days is a great way to give something really useful whether it be a power bank, wireless charging pad, a ring holder or a wallet for that emergency-tenner, to stick to the back of a phone case; these are all great ideas for giving something really welcome and useful.

Overall, the best promotional product you can give away is going to be something that people use and find useful every day such as pens, notebooks, keyrings and torches.  However, it is possible to find something that taps into this genre but is also perhaps seasonal such as a desk fan or cooling bag; quirky such as a shoe horn or cupcake, or slightly more on trend, for example, a pedometer or face mask.

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