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1)         Plan Ahead

Whether product or service led, it’s important to plan ahead for running your business during the festive season.  You need to give consideration to any additional stock you’ll need and staff holidays which might need covering.  Looking back to the previous year’s activities will act as a helpful guide and being aware of stock lead times is crucial.  Christmas time can be a strange period of juxtaposition in your business where one minute you’re rushed off your feet and the next it’s like a ghost town!  However, planning is essential even for the quieter times which can in themselves be very useful to take stock and clear the decks for the following year.

2)         Terms and Conditions

It’s a good idea to ensure that all your business’s terms, conditions and policies are all fully up to date and fully compliant with the most recent legislation.  For example, taking a look at your privacy policy and ensuring GDPR compliance with regard to data you have on file, is good housekeeping and keeps you on track.  Equally, a retail business might want to consider extending their refund policy over the Christmas period to allow for people to return unwanted gifts.  Although this might be a headache for retailers, it can engender customer loyalty.  

3)         Thank You’s

Christmas is a great time to acknowledge and thank staff, clients, customers and even suppliers.  Ordering Christmas cards, calendars and diaries early on is a great way to spread your budget and also take advantage of the many early bird discount offers available.  Christmas hampers, tins of biscuits and sweets too, make great practical and welcome gifts.  

4)         Write a Christmas Newsletter

Prepare a warm, newsy communication to let your customers know you care.  Thanking loyal customers for their support and letting them share your business news and plans is a good way to mark the season.  Additionally, incorporating a seasonal promotion or discount voucher within your newsletter is an invaluable way of retaining customers into the new year. 

5)         Social Media Competition

Finally, running a competition on social media can be well worth the effort at a fairly low cost.  By doing this, you can simultaneously create brand awareness and grow your email marketing database.  Running a competition doesn’t have to mean offering a huge prize.  However, some sort of fun, seasonal competition at Christmas time can tap into the general goodwill of the season, increase your following and hopefully, the following year’s customer base at the same time.

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