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The mark of a successful business event is the same as any event, it needs to have had a direction and purpose and left those attending feeling valued and fully engaged. Here are 7 tips on how to ensure that happens.

1 It’s in the planning. The first place to start with any event is to plan. What do you want to achieve and/or communicate, who do you want to target and how is it best to do it? If it’s a product launch, for example, it will need a different steer from, say, developing customer loyalty or lead generation. Take care, too on choosing a date, school holidays can have a bearing and you definitely don’t want to clash with an event likely to draw the same audience.

2 Set out a realistic budget and stick to it. Think venue hire, catering, advertising, promotional giveaways, printing, staffing.

3 Get a good team around you and delegate according to their skillset. If one of the team has good attention to detail, allow them to work on the delegate data, invitations, dietary requirements, menus and transport arrangements.

4 Focus on your brand. Any marketing needs to be consistent and any artwork specific to the event needs to be consistent and linked to your brand. You’ll need to be sure the message is also consistent and conveys exactly what you need it to. Get the feel of the event right, is it solely informative or collaborative with various speakers each linked in some way? Or perhaps it’s more of a thank you event for your staff or customers and should be a less formal event? The tone of the event needs to be brought through in your marketing.

5 Should the catering be more or less formal? A sit-down meal is obviously more expensive but will allow for a more mellow approach from delegates, taking their time over their meal, getting to know those on their table so a well thought out seating plan is additionally critical!

6 Think carefully about what your delegates should take away from the event, both mentally and physically. Perhaps end the event with a motivational team talk if to your staff or a message of strong commitment to your customers. Promotional giveaways are a great idea for staff or customer events. Everyone loves a ‘freebie’ and with such innovative and quirky branded products available across all budgets, from anything to the trusty pens, notebooks and mugs to lip balm, sunglasses and sports bags, these can create a long-lasting impression on any sort of delegate.

Quadra Matt Black

Quadra Matt Black

7 Finally, feedback is always helpful in whatever shape or form. Feedback from staff and customers alike should be sought, perhaps as part of the post-event communications of a thank you and taking action on what’s fed back will be a valuable way to move forward.

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