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We thought it might be fun to tell you about a typical day at the office (pre Covid-19 lockdown, of course, we’ll never be found not following guidelines!) Writing this now brings back very happy – work hard; play hard – memories and hopefully it will be an opportunity for you to visualise what a “normal” day in the life of Chilli Promotional Products is like and what we hope to be returning to as soon as humanly possible, current situation withstanding!

Although Chilli Promotional Products began life in Banbury, and is still very much a part of the Banbury business scene, day to day we now work from a cosy office located in the quiet, rural countryside of the beautiful Vale of Evesham on the Warwickshire/Worcestershire border. It’s a quiet spot, sitting alongside several other small and medium sized businesses up a long, gated drive where we often look out over the adjacent field to see the lambs and bunnies playing, the local farm cat, a friendly robin, some pheasants strutting and the farmer on his quad bike.

First job in the morning, carried out by whoever gets in first (we’re very egalitarian at Chilli!) is of course, to get the kettle on. Any of our customers or suppliers who’ve dropped in to see us over the years will testify to the fact that our well used kettle never has the opportunity to cool down! Luckily and perhaps not surprisingly, we have a multitude of promotional mugs of all shapes, sizes and designs to choose from and we’re rather partial to a ginger biscuit or on treat days, even the odd Curly Wurly.

A very important member of the team is of course, Izzy, the most gorgeous (and aging) office dog you could ever meet. She comes lumbering in every morning, eyeing up with big brown eyes, the

Izzy the Office Dog

Izzy the Office Dog

dog treats stored on the stationery shelf by the door and then settles down to a day filled with doggy dreams, little grunts, quick trips outside and the very occasional odd smell – which is where the fragrant candles come in very handy! If, of course, anyone should have the audacity to approach the stationery shelf, Izzy jumps up from what appears to be a deep sleep to look intently at the “Winalot Shapes” and then to you and back again, which in some way seems to hypnotise you into having to hand one over!

Days in the Chilli Promotional Products office are filled with lots of product sourcing; lots of quoting; lots of phone calls with customers and suppliers alike and of course, lots of cups of tea (enjoyed with lots of chatter). We love it when customers and suppliers come to visit (not just for the cake!). Time in the office zooms by, priorities are always changing, and the “to do list” frequently ends up longer than it started but there is one main theme which runs through all day, each and every day – we genuinely love what we do, and strive to offer all our customers the very best, high quality service that we possibly can. Going the extra mile is in our DNA. We love what we do and we love and are proud of how we do it!

When these strange times of social distancing ease, we’d love you to come and visit – we can assure you the kettle will be on and there will be a delicious slice of cake from Hillers Farm Shop (a lovely local customer with amazing cakes!)

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