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A mug is a mug, isn’t it?

There’s so much more to a branded mug than you might think!

We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of branded mugs, maybe you’ve been to meetings in offices and the tea was brought out in branded mugs (along with biscuits, if you’re lucky!). Did you notice anything in particular about the mug? It’s shape, colour, what it was made of or any lovely design features with regard to the print?

Over the years we have seen a huge variety of corporate mugs at Chilli Promotional Products and we love to see what our clients choose and what branding options they go for – the choices are almost endless! If you have your own company mugs, when was the last time you really looked at them? Are your brand colours still vibrant and reflective of your brand image? Has your logo changed since you got them printed? Do they still reflect your business and the values you have? Have you celebrated another anniversary since you got them?

Elegant Villeroy and Boch New Wave mug.

When you are served a drink in a branded mug, if the mug feels nice, perhaps it’s a great colour, a designer bone china mug with a shaped handle such as the Villeroy and Boch New Wave, or perhaps it’s a tall elegant mug – favoured by latte fans.

Latte Mug

Latte Mug

Quadra Matt Black

Quadra Matt Black

Or how about a mug with a shape, rather than your standard Cambridge shape, such as the Quadra or Dorset mugs which are square, it can give you a good impression of the business that you’re dealing with. It can make you feel like the company shares your values and would be a good fit for you to work with.

When it comes to branding the mugs you can have a full colour print – either dye sublimation (ideal for photo’s), or transfer print (great for really detailed / complex logos / designs) depending on the mug and the design, or standard screen prints, or how about a shiny silver or gold print – these look fabulous on classic bone china mugs! You can find more information on various print processes here.

Colour Coated Marrow with Etched Logo

Colour Coated Marrow with Etched Logo

Did you know you can get mugs colour coated to your exact corporate colours? These look fantastic and the minimum quantity is only 288. You can then get your logo etched into them which looks awesome with really strong bold logo’s!

Mug Additional Prints

Mug Additional Prints

In addition to the “normal” print area of the outside of the mug, did you know you can also print in the following areas?

• Inner rim – great for a URL, telephone number or strapline
• Handle – this can have a flash of colour or perhaps a couple of words/ text
• Banding – this is a colour to the very rim of the mug – this looks great with a colour to match your logo
• Back stamp – your logo / details on the base of the mug – ideal for retail mugs, or perhaps a place for a cheeky message!
• Inside base – great for a message only revealed when the cup is empty.

There are various finishes that you can get on your promotional mugs too – heat reveal mugs – where your marketing message or logo appears when hot liquid is in the mug, or a newer option that we really love is the soft touch / satin feel mugs. These have a lovely matt finish to the outside of the mug and are available in a choice of colours.

When selecting your corporate mugs, we know it’s important to think about the type of customer you want to attract – if you’re a builders merchants, then a sturdy mug such as the Cambridge, Durham, Sparta or Marrow for example is likely to suit you better than a delicate fine bone china mug, {and in this situation, it might be even better to consider a branded travel mug or flask but that’s a post for another day} but if you’re a high class hair salon or an edgy design agency then you’ll want something that mirrors your attention to style and flair.

Once you’ve selected the perfect mug, it’s important to think about how you will get it to your clients / prospects – don’t forget to think about boxes – either printed presentation boxes, or study mailing boxes, and how about supplying the mugs with a tea bag, some biscuits or perhaps filled with chocolates or an Easter Egg! Ask if you want any more info on the various options available!

We all like to make sure we get good value for money, but as the old adage says “Buy cheap, buy twice” and with promotional products this is often so true! We’ve had clients come to us after they have bought branded mugs from companies offering incredibly low prices – but the quality of the mugs or the print just isn’t up to scratch meaning the client was disappointed and came to us to get a product that they are happy represents their brand. We care about your image and will always offer samples, and pre-production printed samples where needed to ensure your mugs look fantastic and you are 100% happy.

If your branded mugs aren’t showing your business in the best light or if you don’t have any branded mugs yet, get in touch and let us help you get the right mug with the right branding – we’re experts! We’re members of the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) and proud to share their values.

We’d love to know what your favourite mug would be – why not email us to let us know what your dream mug would be! Mine is a lovely bone china mug, with some shiny silver print to the outside, and a cheeky message on the inner rim / inner base!

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