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A to Z of Promotional Products – P is for…

Welcome back to the next episode in our A-Z of promotional products series!

Today it’s P: P is for Pantone, Pens, Pencils, Power Banks, Proofs, PDFs, Page Markers, Personalisation, Passion…

Let’s start with Pantones – Pantone colours have traditionally been used for printing onto promotional merchandise and are still used when we print in “spot colours” rather than full colour process. A Pantone refers to a very specific shade of a particular colour so we can ensure your logo looks perfect every time! This is a Pantone Book which has all the colours listed but you can also find Pantone guides online if your logo designer hasn’t provided you with your Pantone references.

Pens and Pencils – I think you probably all know you can get pens and pencils with your logo, but just to recap we can offer budget to premium brands such as Waterman, Parker, Shaeffer and Cross, Ballpoints, Rollerballs, Fountain Pens and Highlighters. Pens made from metal, plastic, bamboo, cornstarch…. Pens that are antibacterial or anti-microbial, pens that can be recycled, or that biodegrade! So many options. Pencils can be wood, made from recycled products, mechanical, carpenters and have seeds in them! So many options – we’d love to tell you more!

Power Banks – more useful in “normal times” when you’re out and about at conferences and exhibitions – I’ve always got one in my bag! Did you know you can also get wireless charging ones?

Proofs – generally Proofs are sent as PDF’s but “Pre-Production Printed Proofs” can usually be created if needed.

Page Markers are a great low cost promotional item that’s easy to post too! They come either on their own, or in a booklet with some sticky notes too.

Playing Cards – we love this product! Both sides of the cards can be printed with your details / imagery.

Personalisation has really taken off this year – we can personalise a massive range of products with individuals name if needed.

Our final P is for Passion – we are Passionate about what we do here and love the variety of projects we work on!

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