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A-Z of Promotional Products – L is for…

Today it’s L: L is for Lip Balm, Letterbox Gifts, Luggage (and straps), Lanyards, Logos, Lead Times and Lumpy Mail!  

Lip Balm, a great low-cost promotional item available in a wide range of colours – used for a long period of time so keeps your name in your customers mind for months! 

Letterbox Gifts and lumpy mail!  These are one of our favourites! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love getting a treat in the post – certainly makes a change from the bills and junk mail!  Whether it’s a cleverly thought out piece of direct mail designed to encourage prospects to take your call… A mug and tea bag, perhaps a Chocolate Brownie too, so you can share a virtual tea break… Or a gift such as the care packs that have been so popular over the last few months, there are so many things that can be sent in the mail to bring a smile to the recipients face.  If you don’t have the time (or inclination) to be packing things up and sending them out, this is an additional service we can offer – remember, we’re here to make your lives easier!

Luggage and Luggage Straps – There’s a massive range of luggage that can be branded –embroidered, printed or you can even have your logo moulded into hard shell suitcases!  Alternatively if budgets are a little less extravagant luggage straps are an inexpensive way of identifying your bags on an airport carousel and can be great for travel industry customers, or for businesses with teams that travel for work.

Lanyards are a promotional staple but who knew there were so many different types?  From traditional flat polyester lanyards with spot colour prints, and full colour smooth dye sublimation lanyards such as these to the high end bespoke options which include premium fittings and branding options and can even have things like bottle openers incorporated within the lanyard!  I don’t have samples but I do have some photos which I will share in the comments. There are lanyards made from environmentally friendly fabrics such as Recycled PET, Bamboo and even Cork!  Most lanyards come with one safety break as standard, but did you know they can be manufactured with additional safety breaks if needed for high risk environments?

Lead times are always an important consideration when choosing promotional products. We are always on hand to work with you to find the perfect product available in your lead time but although there are a range of products we can deliver in under a week, the more time we have the more choice you will have so it’s always worth chatting to us as soon as you know you have a need if you want to have the best selection of products to choose from.  Finally, as always with Promotional Merchandise it’s important to have your Logo in a high-quality format – ideally vector.

Thank you for watching and we look forward to seeing you all soon for the next episode in our A-Z of promotional Products.

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