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The A-Z of Promotional Products – B is for

Here’s the second instalment of our A-Z of Promotional Products video series where we will look at some different products and discuss some of the key things to be aware of when choosing Promotional Merchandise for your brand.

Today it’s B: B is for Bamboo

Bamboo is a great product for promotional products as it grows super fast so is very sustainable (according to Google some species can grow 1mm every 90 seconds – that’s 910mm in a 24 hour period!) There’s a wide range of promotional products made of bamboo including this bamboo version of these bestselling Contour pens, wireless phone chargers, and my favourite is the Bamboo Toothbrush!

B is also for Balls!

Whether it be Stress Balls, Footballs, Rugby Balls or Golf Balls – we can brand them all! Golf balls are obviously ideal for Corporate Golf Days where Rugby Balls & Footballs can be ideal for a sales promotion linked to Euro’s, World Cup or 6 Nations.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon for the next instalment of our A-Z of promotional products!

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