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Celebrating Work & Business Birthdays

We often talk about the year whizzing by, and this year is no different. More than that though, this year (2018) is Chilli Promotional Products’ 10th year in business and that really has flown by!! It feels like no time ago that it was just an idea! Those of you who know us well will know that we are passionate about what we do; the products, the customers, the suppliers – every day really is different and it really doesn’t feel like work at all (apart from the odd admin bits!)

All this thinking about celebrating our 10 year milestone, really got us thinking about work anniversaries, long service awards, business birthdays etc. Lots of businesses are great at recognising the long service of their employees and marking it either with a special gift, a treat or maybe an extra day or two off! What happens in your business? Who has worked with you for the longest and have you recognised their contribution to your business?

Personally I think it’s great to do something to recognise long service (and this isn’t just me trying to push a fancy award or pen set) – we all know the cost involved in recruiting a training new staff to get them fully up to speed is vast – so why not make sure the staff we have feel valued and important everyday…. especially on notable anniversaries – it doesn’t need to be expensive or disruptive to your business, and in the long run could save you a fortune!

It then got me thinking about the difference between really small businesses and large corporate businesses… Is it more important to recognise long term service as part of a small business, or a corporation? Often in larger corporations there are more structured systems in place for recognition and more opportunities for career progression – does this mean that small businesses need to try even harder to make employees feel valued, or does that come more easily as employees of small businesses tend to have more day to day contact with the “boss” who therefore will see everything they do and be the one giving the praise? I would love to hear what you think. Perhaps you’re an employee facing an employment milestone and you’d like your bosses to recognise your dedication, let me know what your ideal scenario would be. Would you like some sort of gift or would a sincere thank you be enough/better? I think I’d like a bonus day off personally!

What about business birthdays? To recognise Chilli Promotional Products’ 10 years in business, we wanted to do something big, and raise lots of money for charity at the same time! We therefore committed to taking part in Twin Town Challenge 2018 Over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend a Chilli Promotional Products team will be setting off from Witney, Oxfordshire, in a car that costs £500 or less and driving to Le Touquet in the south of France – along with over 100 other teams – all raising money for Oxfordshire based charity SpecialEffect which uses video games and technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities.


The 2018 Twin Town Challenge is a “Movie” theme, so we have purchased a Jaguar X-Type, and with the help of one of my great suppliers this will become themed as “The Shaguar” from Austin Powers. As part of our fundraising effort we have space for up to 10 Sponsors who can have their logo on the car (an oval shaped space just under A4 size) for a £250 donation direct to our JustGiving page You’ll need to act fast though as these are selling quickly!

Alternatively, if you want to get involved and help our fundraising, you can buy raffle tickets for the main Twin Town Raffle via our JustGiving page – the raffle has 3 amazing prizes; a night in London with a visit to the View from the Shard and 3 course meal at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant, a Head to Head Silverstone Driving Experience for one, and a Fortnum and Mason Champagne Afternoon Tea for Two! I’m sure you’ll agree these are incredible prizes and for just £2 a ticket it will raise much needed funds for SpecialEffect.

So, if you want to help with our Twin Town Challenge fundraising efforts, and need more information, please just get in touch with Jody – or on 01295 269800 and obviously, if you do want to celebrate the long service of your employees then please get in touch, we’ll have some great ideas for you!!

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