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Christmas Trivia

As we hurtle towards the Christmas dinner and for lots of us, some well-earned family time – we thought we’d use the December blog post to share some random trivia we’ve found on the Guiness World Records, and Wikipedia websites, loosely relating to promotional merchandise – Enjoy!

The longest chain of marker pens consists of 7,210 pens and was achieved by Carine Primary School (Australia) at their campus in Carine, Western Australia, Australia on 30 October 2014.The marker pens were connected vertically, and the length of the line was 77.29 m (253.58 ft) Longest Chain of Marker Pens

alaska-diamondAccording to The Guiness World Records site, the first ball-point pen was invented by Hungarian journalist Ladislo Biro and his brother George in 1938. The first Biro went on sale in 1944 and cost the equivalent of £60 today. The First Ballpoint Pen, although Wiki states that the first Patent was issued in 1888 to John J Loud.

The largest collection of mugs belongs to Bob Thomson (USA), with 6,352 different mugs; which he has been collecting since 1995.I wonder if he would like us to contact him and send him one of our promotional mugs? cambridge-dye-sub

A team of 100 Domestic & General Commercial staff achieved a new Guinness World Records title for the fastest time to pass 10 t-shirts along a chain of people in 2014. The record stipulated a team of 100 and they completed the challenge in a speedy 15 min 0.69 sec.

The oldest branding (packaging) for a brand is Tate and Lyle’s Golden Syrup (UK). The same packaging has been maintained since 1885 with only slight technical changes during the war due to shortages of materials.

Correction fluid was invented by Bette Nesmith Graham in the 1950’s who sold her company to the Gillette Corporation. Part of her fortune went to her son, Mike Nesmith of The Monkees who used his newly found wealth to fund ‘PopClips’ which was an American music video programme which later grew into MTV. (Wiki)

There is the opportunity to become a World Record holder for the Largest Greeting Card(physical sized card) – you can apply here!

1cty_11996 people took part in a World Record winning Umbrella dance which took place in India. There is currently no world record for the longest line of people holding open umbrellas. (If you want branded umbrellas for an attempt at this record, you know who to call…!) You can apply here!

The longest pencil measured 1091.99m and was created by BIC in France in October 2017. The pencil had a graphite centre and recycled polystyrene outer which meant it was bendy! BIC are a huge supplier of promotional merchandise too!

In the late 1960’s Post-It notes were developed by accident by employees at the firm 3M who were trying to develop a super strong glue, but ended up with a very low tack adhesive instead. This was ideal for using in memo notes and page markers as they leave no residue. 3M still own the Trademark for the term “Post-It Notes” meaning any other brand must be known by another name such as sticky notes, or repositional notes.

The largest pen ever made is a whopping 5.5m – it’s a biro, made in India and it weighs 37.23KG!!!

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