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Is a Calendar a Good Promotional Item?

I dread to say it, but the year is sprinting on ahead of us, and we’ll be into Christmas and New Year before we know it – and I know that some of you will be getting ready to start thinking about client gifts to send ahead of the festive season.

I am often asked whether a calendar makes for a good client gift – and the answer is…. It can be! As with everything else, it needs to be suitable for your clients- do they have office walls that would withstand a calendar, or are you thinking of a desk calendar? Will you go for something generic, like landscape photos of your favourite parts of the County, or something more entertaining, like members of staff re-enacting their favourite films? I love ‘Love Actually’ – so that could be amusing – I’m currently seeing me, dressed up as Hugh Grant dancing to Girls Aloud on the stairs of Number 10!) You are best placed to know what will go down well with your customers- and whether their own business lends itself to having entertaining calendars on view for their own clients to see.

You’ll also need to consider whether your client has multiple bases/offices – and will you supply them all with a calendar, or just the person who gives you the orders?? Have you been to their offices? Do they currently use a calendar, or are they completely tech driven and your gift would be put away in a cupboard, or worse, the recycling bin without being used?

Some businesses prefer a wall planner – and I often deal with requests for these, and of course, with your branding proudly displayed on it, you’ll be forefront of your customers mind all year long!

Have you thought about printing calendars on mouse mats? These are a really popular product which is REALLY useful serving as both a calendar and a mouse mat! You can print 12-14 months on them along with room for your branding and key messages / data. I’ve seen them with key financial dates along with info for statutory sick pay etc which seems like a great idea if your clients are involved in HR / Finance / Recruitment for example.

Diaries are a similarly tough call -not everyone uses them, and many people have converted fully to electronic diaries which can be accessed through their smartphones, meaning that everyone is always up to date with where they should be and who they should be meeting! However, I know many business owners, and employees within businesses who love a really nice quality desk or pocket diary – each person has their favourite – my particular favourite is the page an A4 day a page diary, as that gives me plenty of space to scribble my notes and to do list, as well as keeping track of my appointments, calls and emails as well as those all-important family commitments.

Ultimately, calendars are nice to look at (as long as you get your imagery right!), they help your company to be remembered all year round (you can even add in industry specific notes – e.g. if you’re an accountant, a reminder of the tax deadlines, or if you’re involved with schools, a reminder of term dates etc.), and they are functional and need no explanation – everyone knows how to use a calendar!

In summary, I think it’s fair to say that a calendar, or a diary CAN be a great promotional product to give away to clients/potential clients – but it really does depend on WHO your customers are and what their needs are.

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