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Making Your Budget Go Further

We’ve all been there – a tight budget can be restrictive, and many businesses underestimate the spend needed for marketing and promotion. Whoever is in charge of your finances asks “do you really need to spend that money on branded mugs? What’s the return on them?” or “more curvy ballpens? Where have the last lot gone?”

So, let us give you some top tips on how to make that budget go a bit further, ensuring you get the most from every penny, getting great value for money and keeping the finance department happy too.

1. Plan in advance – think about where you need promotional items throughout the year – how many exhibitions are you booked for? Are you taking promotional items to networking meetings? Try to estimate how many items you’ll need for the entire year and order them in one bulk order – this way, you should be able to benefit from economies of scale and find that the price points on higher volumes are beneficial to you… you will also save on repeat set up fees and multiple delivery charges.

2. On the other hand – do you need 20,000 biros? Would a higher quality item have a better perceived value for your company branding? And would restricting the distribution of the product be better for you than a scattergun approach? By making it a valued gift – you are making the (potential) customer feel more important – so maybe in this case, less is more?

3. Keep the branding simple – a one colour print is usually a less expensive option – often a lot less expensive!

4. Look out for special offers – sign up for our newsletters where we have a tempting special offer each month – this is usually only available to subscribers of my email newsletter – so don’t miss that opportunity (we promise not to spam you!)

5. Get it right first time –many times I’ve heard stories about orders that had to be repeated because the customer had forgotten to put vital information (call to action, contact details etc.), or even worse put wrong details on their promotional material. Get someone else to check over your artwork for any potential errors or omissions.

6. Do you order branded diaries each year? Order them early in the (calendar) year – ready for the following year – you can take benefit from last year’s prices for next year’s diaries. You can order in March for example but not have them delivered until October – this means you get last years prices, but don’t have to pay for them until delivery! (Account holders only)

7. Think about how you will be distributing your merchandise – remember larger items can be a lot more expensive to post…. Would you rather spend your budget on the product, or the postage?

8. If you are part of a large organisation, planning with other departments on their promotional material needs can assist you in reaching those bulk quantities needed to hit the lower price points too. Speak to your colleagues – collaborate!

9. If all else fails – speak to us about what you want to achieve and see what we suggest – if there is a special offer to be had, or a better, more cost effective way for you to do something, we’d love to help you.

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