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New Year New You? How Eco Friendly Promotional Products can work for your business?

If one of your New Years’ resolutions was to be more environmentally friendly, and to try and do your bit to save our beautiful Earth, you can extend further than just using recycled toilet paper and eco friendly washing powders!

You can even encourage your customers to be more environmentally friendly – offer them a good quality, reusable bag (with your branding on, obviously!) something that they can use, use and use again. Every time they use it, they’ll be reminded of your business.

If your businesses type isn’t appropriate to be giving shopping bags to your customers, there are plenty of other ways to help save the World.

Everything from Coffee Cups (actual mugs made from recycled plastic, bamboo and cardboard) to mouse mats made from recycled tyres (perfect if you’re involved with the motor trade, maybe!?)
Notebooks, conference pads, memo blocks, sticky notes – all made of recycled products (recycled paper has moved on a long way since the old brown, slightly wooden textured paper of the early 90’s!) – and of course, all can be branded with your logo, a relevant slogan or a call to action.

At an exhibition or conference, you can stand out from your competitors by telling everyone of your “green” credentials – setting you out as a responsible, thoughtful company.

It doesn’t stop there though – you can give growing gifts too – from small terracotta pots with seeds to grow (maybe a “grow your own luck with a 4-leaf clover”), to sunflower seeds (maybe run a competition on your social media channels to see who can grow the tallest sunflower?) -even seed pencils that can be planted to provide a herb garden. Being Eco friendly is so much cooler than just a recycled tote bag.

If your business is in the finance industry, you might want to consider the pencils that are made from recycled banknotes! How would that be? To give your clients money back? At an exhibition, you could even announce that you’re giving away free money!

So, now that I’ve convinced you that you want to giveaway Eco products to your clients, it’s important to know what an Eco product is – how you can make sure that what you’re purchasing is indeed “green”.

There are 3 main factors that make something “eco friendly” – these are the materials from which it is made, the way it’s produced and the manner in which it is used.

For the materials – this usually means that it is made from a recycled material or from a sustainable product like bamboo, which is easily replaced and the harvesting of which causes minimal damage.

Production methods – perhaps the item has been produced in an amenity that is powered by solar power, or uses a production method that avoids toxic chemicals. Also consider the impact of where it’s made – a recycled product that’s made in China may well have a greater negative impact on the environment than a new product made in the UK with UK sourced components.

The product itself – a reusable coffee cup, a reusable shopping bag – these items prevent the disposable equivalent being used widely.

If in doubt, give Jody a call – only working with reputable suppliers. As a BPMA member, Jody can make sure that the products you order to represent your business are green (or blue, pink, red, orange…)

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