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Where, oh where, has this year (certainly the most weird in most of our lifetimes) actually gone!  We’re now rapidly heading for late-October and although the majority of us have found 2020 the most difficult of all recent years, unbelievably, it still appears to have sped past!

Here at Chilli Promotions, we think that most people will be delighted to leave 2020 behind and what better way to help people achieve this than by gifting them a 2021 diary or calendar.  Bring on a new year full of optimism and promise as soon as humanly possible!  As such, you’ll be relieved to hear, it’s not too late to get your hands on a variety of branded diaries and calendars!  All the feedback we’ve received from our customers using calendars and diaries for promotional purposes in the last couple of years confirms that – if anything – they’re a more welcome gift to receive than ever.

The choice available is wide ranging for all your customers’ and staff’s needs alike.  Whatever your preference, we can help you keep your brand firmly in front of your target audience.  An A4 diary such as the traditional page a day diary is a great choice for anyone needing to keep track of appointments or make extensive notes.  In a choice of colours, this is always a popular choice.  Alternatively, a smart, more compact A5 week to view diary is a good option for popping in your laptop case and always having to hand. 

Our options on branded calendars are equally diverse.  You might decide to give a wall or smaller desktop calendar to all your customers.  An amazing way to remind your customers each and every day of all your contact details. Options include beautiful preprinted imagery or the ability to add 12 fab photos of your choice gives amazing scope to successfully promote your brand, all year round.

And, of course, with calendars in mind, make sure not to forget the ever popular advent calendar. A great way to combine counting down the last days of such a horrid year, it will also bring the added joy of chocolate every day. Win-win really!

Give us a call today so we can advise on all the options available to you.  We can even arrange to post them out to your customers direct should that service be of interest to you so it really is a one-stop shop!

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