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Pampered Pets

Over the last few months, it’s occurred to us at Chilli that there are many, many pampered pooches and fussed-over felines out there!  

Izzy the Office Dog

For example, even in our own office, the gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback, Izzy, reigns supreme.  She even has allocated storage space for all things doggy.  However, we realise, we’re not alone in this!  With the onslaught of online meetings and conferences taking place from home offices around the country, it’s evident that many of us also have a beloved four-legged friend.  

Dogs, cats, rabbits and even guinea pigs have all made an appearance in meetings we’ve had!  It’s a great insight into the lives of the people you work with who become gooey at the very mention of their furry friend!  We make no comment on which is the best pet.  Whether a dog-person, cat-person or even the proud owner of iguana, what all pet owners have in common is their never-ending affection. 

With over 40% of the UK population owning at least one pet, what better way to celebrate the month of September as both Happy Cat Month and Responsible Dog Ownership Month (apparently both a ‘thing’!) than to send a client a pet orientated gift?  At Chilli, we can offer you the opportunity to send a pet-mad client a real treat.  Fully branded with your logo displayed for years to come, how about choosing one of the wide range of pet orientated products we have available?

For dog lovers, we can offer leads and collars such as our recycled option available in a variety of colours or perhaps a dog treat bag such as the 12.5 x 10cm option available to be printed in one colour.  Alternatively, a branded dog clicker is a great idea for someone training their dog.  Helping your client train their pup whilst keeping your brand in front of them has got be a great idea!  Other promotional products for dog owners include a folding dog bowl, rope tug toy and pet frisbee.

The pet product market is expanding at a pace within the UK and is set to hit £7 billion by 2021. As such, a cute pet bandana, animal shaped keyring or maybe even a handy hoof pick for our equine friends will, without doubt, be very well received.  Some products have the capacity for full colour branding; some for one colour print.  However, there is certainly a plethora of choice available and they’ll definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

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