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Promotional Products are for life, not just for Christmas!

As Christmas is fast approaching, you’re probably thinking about sending out some form of festive promotion to generate some business for the New Year – you might even include a witty Christmas cracker joke to ensure a laugh and make sure that YOUR newsletter is the one that stands out.

What if everyone else uses the same joke as you? What if your newsletter headline isn’t witty enough to encourage people to click on “read”?  How about if your newsletter or Christmas card landed on the desk of the recipient with a branded snow globe, a branded Advent calendar (everyone loves chocolate, don’t they?) or even a tin of branded shortbread biscuits.  NOW they’re interested in what you’ve got to say.

Of course, it’s not just one season of the year that you can take this opportunity to wow your customers (existing or potential) – we have Valentine’s Day (chocolate again, who knew that would be so popular?), Easter (oh, chocolate again!), Summer, Halloween – not to mention the National days, big sporting events etc.

Obviously, you need to be a bit creative with this – sending a curvy ball pen randomly through the post to a customer is not necessarily going to have the desired effect! However, if you’re a clever accountant, you might be sending your potential customers a stress ball with your logo on as it comes around to tax return time, telling them that you can remove their stress and file their tax returns for them.  If you’re a builder’s merchant, providing your customers with a branded travel mug that they can keep in their vans and use on the move – well, that’s a smart move.

It’s not about bombarding your customers with free stuff (although they’ll appreciate it, your bank manager might not!), it’s just about clever targeting – knowing your customers and what they are interested in and then providing a cleverly branded reminder of YOUR business is exactly what prompts a discussion about how you can do business together.

The important part about using promotional products as a marketing avenue is that you need to have a strong call to action. If you’re a dentist, then sending chocolate or conference pads isn’t likely to generate a call for an appointment – but a compact mirror with a note “Make an appointment today and we’ll help your smile to shine again” might just have the desired outcome.

If you’re feeling inspired, speak to Jody today about how you can make your business stand out from the crowd – it’s never too early to start planning- so even if you’re wanting sunglasses for next summer, let’s start having that conversation.

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