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Promotional Products – they’re only for large organisations, aren’t they!?

Big businesses with big marketing budgets – they are the ones that can afford to have promotional products to give away. That’s right, isn’t it? Noooooooo!

In my 9 years (so far!) in this business, I’ve heard this a lot of times – “I’m a sole trader, I can’t afford promotional products” – but actually, they probably don’t cost as much as you imagine they do and even if you don’t want to purchase thousands of an item as your client base is much smaller, then consider the lifetime benefit of reminding your customers of your business frequently.

For example, if your business is a mechanic/garage service – when you have a car in for work, sending your customer away (hopefully delighted with your pricing and service!) afterwards, with a “goodie” – a car air freshener, an ice scraper, a car first aid kit, even a keyring – with your branding on it. Everyone loves something for nothing, and something useful is even better!
Now, every time your customer gets into their car, they are reminded of your business – so, whenever they are asked for a recommendation for car servicing, your business name will be forefront in their minds. When their own car next needs a service, they won’t be searching for details of other local businesses, as your contact details are right in front of them.
Everyone leads an increasingly busy life, so making it easy for your customers to remember you is vital.

And now onto the actual physical cost of the “goodie” that you should giveaway – this really varies depending on what you think is appropriate to give – keyrings can be under £1, as can air fresheners, notepads and pens (in fact, pens can be under 50p each!) – mugs, umbrellas, powerbanks, Bluetooth speakers, diaries will cost more per unit, but it’s easier to order lower quantities. Always consider the lifetime value of something – which is why we always encourage customers to spend their budget on a smaller quantity of better quality items, that will last longer, and portray your brand best.

Many promotional products come with no minimum order – so if you wanted to just test the waters – order a small amount and see what sort of reaction you get from your customers. Telling them that the goodies are limited edition, or just for preferential customers will win you even more brownie points! We even have a dedicated website for items with no minimum order quantities.
If you’re stuck for ideas of what might be an appropriate giveaway, I’m always happy to have a chat – and I can give you tips on how to make it cost effective for you – sometimes increasing the amount by 50 or 100 can dramatically impact on the unit cost, saving you in the long run – and as long as it is something that has a long enough shelf life, you aren’t going to be wasting your money.

If your social media channels are strong, you can even create a kind of cult action for your giveaways – make them super desirable, which in turn makes your marketing message stronger.
So, in essence, what I’m saying here is that promotional products are definitely NOT just for big businesses (and I’m not just saying that because I want your business!) and whilst your budget may be smaller, so you’ll need to do some careful consideration before making any plans for promotional product giveaways, it should be something that you ARE considering!

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