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There’s no getting away from it, the British are obsessed with the weather – rain in particular – for a reason. It rains.  A lot.

With the onslaught of Autumn, the likelihood is that we need to have our brollies to hand for the foreseeable.  As such, check out our amazing range of branded umbrellas.  Sending any one of these out to your customers is a sure-fire way of giving them something they’ll regularly use.  Therefore, with your brand featured, it’ll keep your name firmly in mind.

Here are our top 3 favourite branded brollies:

1          Fibrestorm Umbrella

            –           Consistently reliable fibreglass Golf Umbrella.

            –           Stormproof fibreglass stem and ribs for increased flexibility and stability in stormy conditions.

            –           Ergonomic black pistol grip handle.

2          Supermini Umbrella

            –           Best-selling Telescopic Umbrella. 

            –           Durable iron stem & frame.

            –           Colour co-ordinated plastic handle with carry strap & sleeve.

3          Fare AC Regular

            –           Economic Automatic Umbrella.

            –           Convenient automatic function for quick opening.

            –           Windproof features for higher flexibility and stability in windy conditions.

            –           Flexible fibreglass ribs, dull black plastic crook handle.

5 Fun Facts About The Rain:

1)        Whilst we think of a raindrop shaped as a teardrop, in fact they start as spherical and as they fall, they become shaped like a jellybean.

2)        The wettest day recorded in Britain was the 5th December 2015 when Honister Pass in Cumbria recorded 341.4 mm of rain in a single day.

3)        With an average 11,971 mm rainfall each year, Mawsynram in India is the wettest place in the world.

4)        Rain occurs on other planets in our Solar System.

5)        We have an inordinate number of phrases to describe the rain in the UK, such as:

            –           raining cats and dogs

            –           tipping down

            –           bucketing down

            –           nice weather for ducks

            –           teeming

            –           drizzle

            –           spitting

            –           the heavens have opened

            –           April shower

            to name but a few!

Love it or hate it, rainy weather is synonymous with the UK and therefore, umbrellas of all shapes and sizes will always prove a most welcome gift so get in touch with us at Chilli Promotional Products. We’d love to help!

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