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Like many companies, large and small, you may well be questioning how you can help support your team working from home.  Remote working brings about different challenges to different people.  Some find the notion overwhelming and stressful whilst others might adapt much better.  Either way, add into the mix, the general anxiety with regard to COVID-19 and the huge pressure on those who’ve been attempting to home school children over the last few weeks or are perhaps shopping and caring for more vulnerable members of society and it’s evident anyone working will benefit hugely by a show of support.

Clear that any demonstration of being supported and appreciated by their employers will give your team members a massive boost to their wellbeing, here are 3 tips for how best support your staff working remotely and show how much you value you their wellbeing and commitment in these unprecedented times.


As with everything in life, to save any confusion and keep people committed, engaged and onboard, communication is all.  Even if there’s little to say, and – let’s face it with weeks of social distancing, there has been little change on the horizon – it’s still vitally important to keep your staff feeling secure and part of the team.  Regular thank yous and updates on any commercial activities will be very much appreciated by all and a sense of ‘we’re all in this together’ will give your team a cohesive message and one which will stand in good stead post lockdown.


It’s important to be actively encouraging all staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.  Slightly easing the pressure of work by encouraging members of your workforce to take at least one form of exercise each day is of critical importance for their wellbeing and making allowances for the necessary flexibility to change up hours to fit in with other family members’ commitments will be invaluable in making your staff feel fully supported.


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All those working remotely will have very different domestic arrangements.  Some may have very little space or technology so anything you can do to encourage staff to find an area which they can specifically designate to working, away from their usual area of relaxing, will be very useful both for their health and productivity.  Supporting your team in working ergonomically well from home is essential and if in the meantime, you can provide any equipment to maintain a healthy – and fun – workspace, all the better!  Items such as desk tidies, phone stands, pen pots and even desktop games are a great idea to pop in the post to your team to brighten their day.  Other equipment such as a cheery water bottle, face mask or even resistance bands or posture corrector can let your staff know just how much you care.

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