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The A-Z of Promotional Products – D is for…

In today’s episode of our A-Z of Promotional Products video series it’s D:

Today it’s D: D is for Desk

Many of you will spend a lot of time at your desk & I bet you all could put your hands on at least one piece of merchandise pretty quickly on or around your desk! If your clients are office based, merchandise that will sit on their desk is going to get seen – a lot – & will therefore keep you in the forefront of your clients mind!

D is also for Diaries- I know it’s 2020, but paper diaries are still really popular & offer a year of advertising for just a few pounds! You need to know your audience as not everyone uses them but for those that do, they are great value branded merchandise.  

D is also for Dog – we offer a large range of pet related products including water bowls, dog bandanas, poop bag dispensers &  dog frisbees!

D is for Dispatch – Did you know we have a dispatch on time guarantee?

Our final D today is for Design. As with all printed material, good design will ensure you have a great looking end product. We are always happy to advise on what will work on different products & can put you in touch with designers if you need more help in this area.

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