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The A-Z of Promotional Products. H is for …

Today it’s H: H is for Hand Sanitisers

Hand Santisers have always been a popular product, but as you can imagine this year has definitely seen a huge increase! They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but my favourites are definitely these 120ml ones for on your desk and these 55ml or the credit card style for in your pocket.

Hi Vis is an essential for many work places and there’s a massive range including the standard hi vis vests but also gilets, bomber jackets and trousers.

Hi is for Hats – whether it’s a cap, a beanie, a hard hat or a straw hat there are so many hats that can be branded – smart or silly, fun or formal, they are always a highly visible piece of promotional merchandise!

H is also for Hi Res – if you’re having a full colour design printed whether it’s on a calendar, bag or T Shirts for example it’s essential that we have Hi-Res artwork to ensure you get a high quality result.

Our final H is for Halloween – love it or hate it, it’s getting bigger every year and if it’s relevant to your business why not send some Halloween treats to your customers!

As always, thanks for watching and we look forward to seeing you all soon for the next episode in our A-Z of promotional Products.

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