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The A-Z of Promotional Products. J is for…

Hello, we’re back and today it’s J: J is for Jute Bags, Jumpers, Journals, and Jargon.

Jute bags have been a really popular promotional item for years – they are really useful, and jute is naturally biodegradable and recyclable! There is a huge range of sizes of Jute bags available – we always advise printing bold designs on jute though as the coarse texture doesn’t lend itself to fine details.

Jumpers – whether it’s sweaters, hoodies, fleeces, pullovers or school jumpers we can brand them all! Printed, Embroidered or even Embossed you can be a walking advert for your business!

Journals – journaling is really popular at the moment and I love the fact that you can create your own! From low volume you can have notebooks created with different pages throughout so you can have some pages for writing, some for drawing, some for notes, and some for planning… or whatever takes your fancy!

Jargon – one of the main bugbears people have in business – like all industries there’s a fair amount of jargon in ours, but we always try to avoid using it where we can, and are always happy to explain anything you’re unsure about! I firmly believe there’s no such thing as a silly question so if you want us to explain something – please always ask! We’d be more than happy to explain!

As always, thanks for watching and we look forward to seeing you all soon for the next episode in our A-Z of promotional Products.

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